Who the f*ck is the Count Tornado?


Irelands greatest musical national treasure A local hero from Mullingar. He plays keyboard with his head and sings about sewing machines in Stevens green. He comes across as rather insane. A musical genius at heart. Performing live in Danny Byrnes Continue reading

Deep Web links.


Following the popularity of my previous post “The f*ck is the deep web” a few people have requested some links. So, here you go. (note that these links don’t always work and domains sometimes change, also some sites get taken Continue reading

The f*ck is The Deep Web


The internets deep dark underbelly. “The DW is made up of large amounts of information that has been posted online and that for technical reasons has not been catalogued or updated by search engines” Alfonso A. Kejaya Muñoz The internet Continue reading

The f*ck is Lightspace?


Any surface becomes a monitor. It’s hard not to love the crazy stuff happening at Microsoft Research, but it’s also hard to imagine when any of it is going to actually start changing the way we interact with our PCs. Surface was bested Continue reading